I was recently introduced to a new word for recycling- "up-cycling". This is when you take something used and turn it into something new. I guess this word does better describe my Peace Art (rather than recycled), since many of my Peace Art are now made on used CD's and old record albums.

My IT guys at work are keeping me well supplied with CD disks which have been used by our staff for backing up our laptops. (Thanks Ruxton and Gary!) BUT if you are cleaning out your home office and come across old CD's (like AOL Updates and such).... think of me- for those of you in Central Iowa area.

My friend Ann has been keeping an eye out for old record albums at garage sales and this fall she gave me a box she only paid a dollar or two for. So for the sake of ART and the sake of PEACE.... don't go throwing out this good "canvas" into the garbage! Help me UP-cycle!

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