Thursday, December 15, 2011

Request for Peace

My friend Ann (who loves "picking").... found a large framed picture at a garage sale with summer for $1.00.... she liked it, not for the picture (an animal print).... but for the frame, and the mat was nice too. So she asked me to create a large Peace which could be used with the mat and frame. Sure I said!
This is how the project turned out- Yellow, Gold, Cream, & Brown (which didn't show up very well in these photos.

I say it looks very sweet in my Dining Room!  But this will go to Ann as her Christmas gift. 
I framed it last night and took it over to Westminster to hang in the show for a few weeks.
In January, after Ann takes down her Christmas decorations, I hope she will find a special wall  to hang this special request Peace!


  1. love it! i hope a) Ann knows about this, or b) she doesn't read your blog :)