Friday, January 25, 2013

Exciting PEACE news

Here I thought my creating PEACE Art was slowing down in 2013, however just the opposite has happened! I now am making about four PEACE disks a day, in order to have enough (~300) disks ready by March.

In March I will be doing a fun PEACE installation by covering a 20 foot length of wall with PEACE disks.

I'll keep you posted as more unfolds. Here are some of my newest creations for this project.

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  1. Hi Judy, Thank you for your stopping by Jewel Box and your sympathies about my father's death. I miss him terribly. As you mentioned, my sister is also very upset about his passing. I am so happy she has you in her life. You are such a dear friend to her and it means a lot to me that you can be there for her right now. As for your 'Peace' art, I have really enjoyed visiting your site throughout the year and am happy to see it continuing into this year. Hugs, Marie