Saturday, January 12, 2013

New Happenings

The new year is already flying by! I wanted to stop by to celebrate that my TWO YEAR goal of creating daily PEACE, which has now come to an end..... BUT I found I can not stop making PEACE art completely. This PEACE habit is hard to break. :)

So I am continuing to create PEACE, but I'm not pressuring myself to post on a daily basis.

I still am interested in making and posting special requests for PEACE here. For Birthdays or Anniversaries, or for just a shout out to a friend. See tab for SPREADING PEACE 2012 above.

Currently my contact box is not working.
So if you would like to request a PEACE ART made for you, just email me at

You can also find me on FaceBook at:  Judy Sebern Beachy ART

You might also be interested in a few other cool PEACE related pages on FB I have found:

The Peace Art Collective
Peace Flash
The Peace and Love Train

I'll drop by later, from time to time.
Until then- PEACE OUT, happy PEACEFUL 2013!

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